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Nov 13

A Note From the GM (General Manager)

I can only say I’m overwhelmed at the response received on Twitter when we started the process of getting back on the air. I’m in the “studio” right now dusting off equipment, casting mending spells on the mics and sobering up Stave.

I’m going to tip-toe around the fourth wall for this next bit.

We picked up a bunch of new followers just on word of mouth. To them I say, “Hello!” In the coming days, I’m going to repost older content while I try to start building new stuff.

Dungeons and Dragons Public Radio is very much listener supported radio. And I’m not talking about monetary support…seriously…donate your hard earned money to actual public radio (or whatever cause you see fit). But we do have needs!

The greatest need is content. We need news and stories to produce otherwise we have nothing to air. (I’m going to do my best to contribute but writing and putting the broadcasts together is a lot of work)There’s a wealth of D&D and RPG knowledge out there among you. Think of the all the possibilities! If you have an idea for a story, please submit it to dndpublicradio@gmail.com. All submissions will be considered by our news director. We’re looking for everything from quick news bites, to drop into a package, to full blown productions. There is no set format. If you listen through our previous broadcasts, you should be able to pick up on what we’re looking for.

Once we get that, we’re going to need talent. Your talent! Stave Innskeeper is a fantastic anchor but we need more! We need to hear the voice of the reporter in the field and the eye witness they’re interviewing. And with this world, there’s no limit to what type of character you may get to play. I already have a hefty stable of voice talent that I can pull from, but DNDPR is for all its listeners. So if you have a mic and a desire (and the ability to turn it around in a reasonable amount of time), then you’ll have the opportunity.

I’m excited that so many of you are excited at the return of DNDPR and I hope to regularly release content for you all.

Thanks for your support

~Matt Roberts


Sep 17

Hourly News Break #9

Media Player:

Written By:

Voice Talents:
Matt - Stave Innskeeper

Link for for RSS/iTunes:


Aug 1

Hourly News Break #8

Media Player:

Written by:
Bloodie Trauppings: Wesley
Hommlet: Wesley
Weather: Scott

Vocal Talents:
Matt - Stave Innskeeper
TheOtherTracy (website) - Demilich Kangaxx
Jerry LeNeave (website) - Vam Witherburn

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Jul 29


Just wanted to let you all know we’re still here. I’ve hit some production delays in getting a few voice tracks back and life decided to keep me busy with other things. I hope to have something new out this coming week. We appreciate all your support. 


Jul 19

Hourly News Break #7

Media Player:

Written by:
Wesley - Hobgoblins
Scott - Illithid Activists & Election Interuption
Voiced By:
Matt: Stave Innskeeper & Vulthrad the All-Seeing
Joanna Corcoran (website) - the late Sendriella Avandar
Graham Walmsley (website) - Drake Spurn
Matt Evans - Atzetuk

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Jul 15

Testing out a new audio host

Media player:

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Bard Talk #1

Media player:

Here it is. Our first “big” production.

This is the first time I’ve mixed something like this. So there’s a learning curve with it. But it’ll get more fluid the more we do it. Hope you enjoy it!

Written By:
Voice Talents:
Matt - Ral Mastori (Twing Banjo)
Jonathan Elder - Tomin Mastori (Twang Banjo)
Brian Patterson (website) - Gaster
Maria Kramer - Velluvian 

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Jul 14
Announcing Bard Talk.
Tune it tomorrow 7/15 at 1PM Central for the premier of our first “major” production!

Announcing Bard Talk.

Tune it tomorrow 7/15 at 1PM Central for the premier of our first “major” production!

Our first sponsor!

Dungeons and Dragons Public Radio has received its first sponsor in the form of a domain registration donation. The donation, made by Duane Sibilly, marks the first monetary contribution to our organization. What’s more, it was completely unsolicited. D&Dpr would like to thank Duane for his generosity and support.

To be honest, we continue to be amazed and the level of support the community is showing us for this little thing we’re doing. It started out as “Let’s just put some stuff out there and see how it’s received” and the feedback, interest, and now an actual sponsor has just blown us away. The sear amount of interest in voice contributions (which is integral to promoting community involvement as well as keep the sound of the content dynamic) has been almost too much for us to handle!

Again we want to thank Duane and everyone that takes the time to contribute. And we want to especially thank everyone that listens. Without you, it’s all a bunch of nerds looking silly.

~Matt (the “producer”)

Jul 12

Hourly News Break #6

Link(so it shows up on the RSS and iTunes feeds)


Written by:
Scott - Twilight War & Red Dragon
Matt- Cleric Scuba Society
Voice Talents:
Matt - Stave Innskeeper
Brian Patterson (website) - Dracologist
Dio - Lead Search and Rescue Agent 

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